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    • First day schedules – Students must pick up their green schedule from the front hallway.  Students will be “No Showed” if their schedules are not picked up.
    • Schedule Concern Forms – Students should complete and turn in to a teacher or an Admin. Red or Silver secretary, a completed gray 
      Schedule Concern Form if they think there is something incorrect on their schedules.  Counselors will call students in to discuss concern, or make schedule adjustments and send revised schedules to the students while they are in class.
    • Spartan Forum/Requesting to See Your Counselor – Students can locate and visit with counselors at the Spartan Forum on Wednesdays at the back of the commons during all 3 lunches. Students who wish to meet with their counselors may stop by Admin. Red or Silver before/after school and between classes to fill out a request form.  Counselors will call students in for a meeting as quickly as possible.
    • GPAs – Why are they important?  Class ranks are determined by students’ GPAs.  Class ranks place students in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th quarters
      of the graduating class.  Universities link how high SAT and ACT scores must be to class ranks.  The higher the GPAs/Ranks, the lower the required SAT/ACT 
      scores for admission.
      Remember – the semester grades earned in the fall of freshmen year are the grades that set the beginning point for your overall
      grade point average!
    • Community Service – Change in procedure. Beginning with the Class of 2014, we will no longer collect community service hours from students. 
      Incoming freshmen should keep track of their community service hours throughout their four years of high school for use on college applications during their
      senior year.
    • Important Data Portfolio – Students should create a file (portfolio) at home to place all important papers during their high school years.
    •  Report cards
    •  test scores
    •  community service hours
    •  awards/certificates received
    •  employer information (summer/after school jobs)
    •  list extracurricular activities (clubs, choir, band, athletics, etc.)
    •  leadership opportunities (serve as officers in clubs/organizations)


When the time comes to apply for college, a certificate program, or employment, the data will be easily accessible to utilize during 
the application process.

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